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How It Works

It's so easy! You connect your bank accounts, download our mileage app and get on with your life. V Stratus operates solely within the cloud making access and operations happen instantly so you save money and time and can focus on your business. Data is secured in the cloud at banking level encryption.  Never shared, never sold. You can see access data real time from your phone or computer from anywhere in the world 24/7.  The bank, mileage, coding, reporting, payroll and invoice generation is all automated, linked and stored in the cloud. Reducing errors and time!  You pay a fixed monthly rate with no hidden charges or set up fees. Everything is included.

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Accounting functions are laborious, time consuming, frustrating and expensive. They distract you from your chosen business and if you get them even slightly wrong, it costs you a lot of money in fees, taxes and time.  

We offer seamless, effortless accounting, in real time, secure, cloud-based and significantly cheaper than it is now.  Our approach consolidates software architecture, apps and storage in to one simple package that is incredibly easy to use and takes almost no time.


V Stratus is a global company founded on trust, and the principle of putting client needs at the heart of our business. With over 75 years of experience between them, the four founders have extensive backgrounds in finance, engineering, education and the arts and have worked across the globe to meet the needs of clients and customers. Our vision is to deliver excellence to our clients, saving them time and money, and reducing risk and ultimately taxes.

Harnessing technology plays an enormous part in V Stratus’ vision, but the principles of Holacracy ( are what make service delivery to our clients incomparable. Holacracy brings structure and discipline to our peer-to-peer company and allows us to tailor solutions to our clients’ problems immediately and efficiently. Holacracy allows our entire team to focus on client needs, putting clients before anything else.


V Stratus aggregates multiple software platforms and applications and integrates them in to one seamless product. Utilizing technology and automation is what creates value for our clients and we combine this with a global team across three continents that can respond to clients’ needs 24/7 and in real time.

Hosted by Intuit and Xero, V Stratus has combined Apple and Android applications to run cloud-based, highly encrypted software that stores entire accounting systems to be accessed from anywhere on the planet.


Using a workforce of accountants, bookkeepers and programmers based across the globe, V Stratus uses computing, tablet and phone based software to make it as easy and quick as possible for clients to record data. Once registered with V Stratus, there is very little for clients to do beyond photographing receipts and occasionally reviewing reports but they can access data in bespoke formats wherever and whenever they need.


Pricing & Packages

£250 /month
Up to £500,000
in yearly revenue
£350 /month
Up to £1,000,000
in yearly revenue
£500 /month


Up to £3,000,000
in yearly revenue


If your  yearly sales revenue exceeds £3,000,000 talk to us about a customized package
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